“Post Holiday Depression (PHD): General feeling of sadness and depression and hatred of all things work-related soon after a long holiday. Symptoms usually show at least 4 hours into the first work day after a holiday and can linger for up to a year until the next festive season.” 

– The Urban Dictionary

That dreaded post-holiday feeling… When you can’t get motivated for work, or just life in general really, and all you want to do is jump back on that plane and start the holiday all over again. I’m sure each of you, at some stage in your lifetime, have experienced this exact feeling. I have before, in fact, so bad to the point I changed my entire life. Yes, it ended up being a good thing now, but I let my post-holiday blues make life decisions that I probably shouldn’t have made at the time. Like moving out with no back-up money straight after a holiday, thinking I needed a new job, a new boyfriend and maybe even new friends? Was this true? I mean, now I look back, yes it was the right decision and I wouldn’t change a thing, but at the time it was just my mind struggling to get back into reality and normality.

This time, when I was flying home from L.A., I made a deal with myself that I would not let this happen again and instead of looking at the end of my holiday as a sad thing, I would look at it as a fresh start and time to kick life’s ass. So, a month has gone by since I landed back in ol’ Brisvegas and so far, it’s been great! Obviously, I still have days where I miss America and feel totally unmotivated, but I view those thoughts as great memories knowing I had the time of my life and listen to that unmotivated feeling as a warning from my mind and body to take a rest! This past month, there have been four main things I have tried to implement into my daily life to help me progress forward.

1. Goal Setting

This is an obvious one, however, a lot of people seem to think goal setting is only for the beginning of a new year. But really, goals should be set all the dam time. Whenever you have a new idea or spark up a new passion, write it down and plan how you can turn this into a reality. Whilst I was traveling, I had this idea of coming home and really building my content creation side hustle and writing more (look at me go, I’m writing!).

For me, it was good when traveling to start actually doing these things. So, whenever I had a spare moment from the hustle and bustle of travel, I would sit and write a blog or write down ideas I had so when I returned home I could look over these ideas and goals and start acting on them.

Which I have done, so let me share a few of these wins with you! I wanted to add a services page to my website and start showing people what I can do for their business, content wise, and I can now tick that off the list. (You can see that here). I then wanted to start writing and posting blogs more frequently (I have posted four in total in one month and this will be lucky number five, with many more in the planning stage). I had this vision of posting content tips on my Instagram page and so I have posted five of these so far. I turned my Instagram account into a business page and have started working on my business Facebook page as well.

Honestly, setting goals has been the best thing I could have done both professionally and personally. It has created a vision and a strong drive in me to do what I want to do, which has really helped me stay positive throughout my daily, “normal” life post-holiday.

2. Surrounding Myself With Good People

After seven weeks away from home, solo, it was important for me to not come home and get too comfortable being alone. So, the first week I got back I made sure I spent as much time with those I love most and those who uplift me and bring positivity into my life.

These people are the kind you want in your life every day. The ones that can turn your mood from bad to great in a heartbeat and that will listen and be there when you’re experiencing some down days and need an ear to vent to. I’m very lucky to have such a great bunch of people in my life who have made the process back to reality a lot easier than it has been before! (You guys know who you are).

3. Moving My Body

Before my holiday, I was in such a great routine with the gym and staying active. But then you go away and of course, fall out of routine… Which is totally fine, that’s what holidays are for! Whilst I was traveling I tried to do exercise every now and then, so when I did get home, going to the gym wasn’t so much of a chore.

Now that I have been back in my normal routine for the past four weeks, I have realised that not only does moving my body help me physically but it really has helped me mentally get back into the swing of everyday life. I have fallen even more in love with working out and my gym. When I can’t move my body, or make it to the gym, I genuinely feel sluggish and down. Working out has been a huge part of helping me glide back into normal life.


4. Having As Much Fun As I Can

You know that saying – “life is not a holiday”? Well, I really dislike that saying. I get where it’s coming from, life isn’t all fun and games and requires hard work but if you love what you do and are happy with your current situations in life, then it should feel like a holiday, every day – right? I feel it’s all about balance. Finding your work grind and working hard when you can but then when you’re not working hard it’s important to let your hair down, have some fun and just enjoy life.

When I touched down in Brisbane, the fun didn’t end. Since being home, I have made sure I use my free time on the weekends to do the things that make me happy. I have been seeing my beautiful friends, hanging out with the fam, going for long walks, getting coffees, going on adventures and exploring! (I went horse riding for the first time ever a couple of weekends ago!)

Doing these things that make me truly happy have been a huge part of kicking post-holiday blues out of the park. Because at the end of the day, even life in your own home town can be a holiday and adventure if you make it one.