Behind The Scenes – a series | Episode Two

We all know how important our physical and mental well-being is, but even now more so than ever with everything going on, it’s at the forefront of a lot of people’s priorities. One thing that helps with this is moving your body and Pilates has been a popular choice for many over the years.

Featuring on our second episode of Behind The Scenes is Cath Makings, owner of a well known Brisbane based pilates studio – Pilates Place. This chilled-out little community is a small, female owner-operated business. The wonderful highly skilled team is there to support everyone that walks in their doors, no matter their fitness or skill levels. The Camp Hill based studio has a modern and fresh interior, pouring with natural light, the dream pilates location, to get you balanced and grounded, physically and mentally.

Now we know what Pilate’s Place is all about, we wanted to find out more about the mastermind behind it. We caught up with Cath, virtually, of course, to ask her some questions about her baby that is her business and how she juggles that with her other full-time job, motherhood.

When did you have that “light bulb” moment that was your business/brand idea?

A few years ago I worked in a corporate job and wanted more, I wanted to work for myself and start my own business and my one true passion was Pilates. So one day, I thought what the hell… took the risk and went for it.

What was your next step once you realised you wanted to start this business/brand?

Initially, I started a small studio which I ran part-time whilst working full time in my corporate job. After this, I wanted more, so I saved up, opened another and rebranded the business into Pilates Place. This was something I wanted to grow and create a space for people to connect in and feel like they were part of a community. I believe to this day, I have achieved that.

What does the average day look like for you?

I have three children aged Ryan who is 17, Judd who is 3 and my youngest Coco, who is 15 months, so my mornings start with them followed by school/daycare drop off. Coco stays with me all day as she’s not in daycare just yet.

After this, I then go to the studio where I either teach classes, get a workout in or work depending on the kind of day it is. I return home from the studio around lunch time and spend the rest of my day trying to work whilst looking after Coco, (it’s a nightmare trying to work with kids). The nights are family time until the kids go to bed and then I sometimes work again before going to sleep.

It’s a non-stop job!

Has that changed in the past week?

Covid-19 life has actually not changed much for me except that when I go to the studio now I am running live classes or recording classes. I don’t see any of our beautiful clients unless it’s in a live class. To be honest, the studio is so quiet and lonely. I miss our little community daily.

How do you pump yourself up for a big day of work?

Oh gosh sometimes this is sooooo hard! So a workout in the morning really helps clear my mind and having a list I like to call ‘Must Complete Today’ helps me to stay on track! And COFFEE… the only way I survive! Lots and lots of coffee!

What is your favourite motivational quote?

“You win or you learn. You don’t lose.”

“When you’re in your lane, there’s no traffic.”

What book are you reading right now?

Oh I have zero time to read a book these days, unless it’s a children’s book I read at bed time… (I’m very up to date on nursery rhymes and sleeping books!)

What are currently your favourite songs?

SAINt JHN – Roses (Imanbek Remix) – Love this for a pump up!

Desiigner – Panda

What form does your procrastination generally take?

I procrastinate really bad on tasks I really don’t want to do! I avoid tasks that need doing but for some reason, often I just can’t bring myself to do them until they are due. Very last minute, whoops!

What are some creative ways you have stayed connected and proactive during this wacky time?

Live classes (via zoom) have kept me connected to clients and the outside world which has made such a great impact overall. I want to ensure they get a great workout and seeing them get sweaty, knowing they’ve worked hard is the best feeling. This is a huge reason as to why I began Pilates Place in the first place.

I am so glad I can continue to work on my business even though I am not technically open. Being able to do this online, virtually, has been a great help!

What’s next for you and your business?

Online programs was something I wanted to add to my business this year. However, I guess you could say it was thrusted upon me sooner than planned with absolutely no time to prepare. (But I like to look at this as a blessing in disguise.)

So what is next for my business is that I want to expand the online space I have now started and grow this platform with live classes for a variety of workout styles and not just Pilates. Branching out to ensure I can keep my business growing.