Behind The Scenes – a series | Episode Three

All films, short and long, are created purposely for people to enjoy. Films have the power to send you out of reality and take you on a magical journey. Capturing and creating an emotional feeling and connection takes immense skill. Some humans are born with this natural eye and talent for filmmaking and have the ability to grow this skill to do great things like capture someone’s big day, film a powerful documentary or share a story.

Featuring on our third episode of Behind The Scenes is local Filmmaker, Phoebe Galloway Films. Phoebe has always had a passion and eye for creating stories through filmmaking. She decided to study a Bachelor of Creative Arts at JMC, majoring in Film and Television. Since then, her business journey over the past six years has led her on an incredible path creating all types of video content like, documentaries, branded films, weddings, promotional, corporate, commercial & fashion.

We caught up with Phoebe, virtually, to go behind the scenes with her. With wedding videography being a main source of business for Phoebe, we found out how she has been coping through the Covid-19 restrictions and heard a bit about her day-to-day life as a local filmmaker.


When did you have that “light bulb” moment that was your business/brand idea?

There was not really a light bulb moment for me in terms of creating my business. Making films and capturing my friends and family was something I have always loved doing. While attending film school I started to shoot and edit various personal projects. Through lots of practice and meeting different  people I was slowly offered small work opportunities and everything took off from there.

What was your next step once you realised you wanted to start this business/brand?

The biggest step I took in building my business and gaining more work was quiting my part time job and committing full time time freelance and working for myself. Although it was scary at the time it was the best thing I did. Once I had  the time and space to focus all my energy into my own work I found myself a lot busier with projects and I haven’t looked back since.

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What does the average day look like for you?

Pre-Covid the average day for me looks like a walk, swim or some form of exercise in the morning and then editing and emails for the rest of the day. My work is about 90% editing and 10% shooting. Working from home I find it important to get out of the house and do something before I get straight into work.

Has that changed recently?

Having weddings as the main part of my business and April and May usually being two of the busiest months of the year, my days for the next couple of months will look very different now. With only two weddings left to edit I’ll be focusing my time on some personal projects which have taken a back seat to work for a while. I’ll also try to tick off a few things from my admin list. I’m going to try to keep myself busy and motivated but also to enjoy life at a slower pace for a while.

How do you pump yourself up for a big day of work?

A good workout in the morning always sets me up for a more productive day of work. Breaking down a big task down into smaller sections makes the day feel much more achievable and less overwhelming. And coffee.

What is your favourite motivational quote?

I can never remember quotes! I love reading motivational quotes but they are quickly forgotten a few minutes later.

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What book are you reading right now?

Currently reading ‘The Bee and The Orange Tree.’

What are currently your favourite songs?

Favourite songs is far too hard to narrow down!

What form does your procrastination generally take?

Procrastination can look like many different things. Cleaning and household chores is a big one when your working from home. If its a nice day I live across from the beach so thats a pretty big distraction when I’m feeling stuck with work.

What are some creative ways you have stayed connected and proactive during this wacky time?

One thing that has come out of everyone being isolated is connecting digitally a lot more. Phone calls, zoom calls and messaging have definitely increased. Just generally checking in on other people which is something we can all forget about when were busy. I’ve definitely had some days when I haven’t felt motivated to do work amongst all these changes but allowing myself that time to have a down day or days and then eventually the motivation comes back and I’m happy to get stuck back into the work.

What’s next for you and your business?

Losing a lot of work for now will be a challenge over the coming months but I am looking forward to having the time to finish some personal projects and maybe create a few new ones. Time to get bored, create, relax, slow down, read, watch movies and still work on what I can.