When it comes to the perfect lazy Sunday – a robe and a cuppa tea is most certainly in the picture…

Once you have gotten comfy with a good magazine on the couch wearing nothing but a robe it’s sometimes hard to motivate yourself to actually put “real” clothes on! (I totally get it, don’t worry!)

BUT! What if I told you that I have found a robe that can take you from the couch, to the beach, out of the bath and out to lunch?

You most likely would say “don’t be ridiculous Chelsea you cannot wear a robe out of the house, are you crazy?!”

You will find this magnificent robe I am talking about at Cotton On.

A gorgeous light wear, throw-on robe in a fabulous floral print to wear all day no matter what you may be doing.

Watch the video to see my proof!

Video + Photos by Jono Hine