Sometimes it’s easy to forget that our skin is the human body’s largest organ. Not only is our skin there to make us look presentable, but it is also a waterproof, insulating shield, guarding the body against extremes of temperature, damaging sunlight, and harmful chemicals. Basically, it’s a pretty big deal to the overall function of our body and appearance, which is why we need to nourish it well.

The reason we often forget our skin is a functioning organ is that, unlike other organs in our body, we can feel, touch and see our skin. Which is probably why most of us (myself included) are obsessed with ensuring our skin is glowing, clear and healthy looking – it’s constantly on show. Naturally, skin health is a part of everyone’s daily beauty routine. We shower to wash our skin, moisturize to keep it from looking dry, put sunscreen on to stop the sun from damaging it, etc. But it’s not only what you put on the outside that will give you vibrant looking skin. Beauty begins from within, therefore feeding your skin from the inside is what will give it the glow of your dreams.

After doing some personal research into this, I found that according to Youth Lab, good skin health starts with good gut health. Not having the right balance of good and bad bacteria in your belly can affect your immune system which can lead to skin issues like breakouts, dryness, uneven colour tone and even more serious but common conditions like Eczema.

Throughout my life, I have struggled with some gut issues here and there. Recently I was hit with a few infections which meant I had to take a heap of antibiotics (the worst!). As you all know, antibiotics kill all bacteria in your gut, including the good bacteria which causes my usual stomach issues to flare up and become worse. Throughout this time, I noticed my skin was breaking out and it just looked dull and lifeless which meant I looked and felt this way too. I did some research to find something that could help my gut and in turn help my skin, which lead me to discover a brand called, The Beauty Chef.

I would never have thought gut health and skin health had such a strong connection until I came across The Beauty Chef. I started to wonder if maybe the reason my skin looked dull and lifeless was because of the unbalanced bacteria in my belly from all the antibiotics I had just taken. To replenish my skin and bring it back to life I needed to fix my belly imbalances as well and after hearing and reading so many great things about this wellness brand I decided to give The Beauty Chef’s best-selling product, “GLOW” a go.


I have been including “GLOW” in my everyday beauty and health routine now for a couple of weeks. Even after only a short period of time I have noticed some life come back to my skin, breakouts clearing and staying away, I have way more energy and my gut health feels as though its being replenished every single time I drink a glass of this goodness.  The thing that I love most about this product is how easy it is to drink. I just add a teaspoon of the powder to a glass of water each day (it tastes delicious too). However, you could easily add it to your smoothies as well.

I am so excited to continue with my inner beauty journey with The Beauty Chef using “GLOW” and hopefully see even more improvements to my overall health and wellbeing which will lead to healthy, glowing skin!