When I was a child, health was never important to me. I hated vegetables and I loved bad food, like most children, right? As I entered my teenage years I started to care about my appearance more than my 10-year-old self did so it was time to eat, what I thought was “well.” However, binge eating, dieting, and over-exercising are not actually considered healthy… and will instead just make you skinny and NOT healthy… Shocking?!

A few years ago, I was struggling with some stomach issues. Bloating, pain, all that jazz. It started to affect my mental health and well-being. My overall diet wasn’t the greatest and I was still guilty of the horrible binge eating cycle. I needed answers, help and to know how to have a balanced diet and get rid of the bad habits causing my issues. So, I decided to book an appointment with a nutritionist.

Alexandra Lindeberg was the answer to all my prayers! After two degrees, hundreds of courses, five years of consulting and a passion for health that continues to grow, Alexandra is a wealth of knowledge and quite literally has changed my perspective on health. I have been seeing Alexandra for about three years now, so I decided to sit down with her and ask her about her nutrition journey…

“It was love at first sight. As far as I can remember I have enjoyed all foods; tastes, textures and various cuisines. Although my love was ignited by tastebuds, my love grew knowing why we should eat something… what that particular food item provided our clever-little-machines (our body’s). The key ingredients – (pun-intended) – to keep us alive and well fascinated me. Food really is our pleasure, medicine and at times, bandaid. Soooo… it seemed fitting to pursue something that gained my interest for more than two minutes.

This love has grown into a passion (and fortunately), a career. A hunger – (pun-intended) – to know more was my driving force to gain a degree in Nutrition. A Master’s in Nutrition and Dietetics. Write a thesis. Sign up for 100s of courses. Which has provided me with the opportunity to consult individually and at a population level where I have travelled to the likes of Hong Kong and Solomon Islands to consult about nutrition. In some ways, I feel like this career chose me… I am forever grateful for that,” says Alexandra.

Values that underpin Alexandra’s business, work and life itself:

  • Honesty

  • Integrity

  • Vulnerability

“Fourth value would be efficiency…Less is more. Always. Except your earrings. Keep those sparkly, big, colourful and EXTRA,” says Alexandra.

From her values she developed her nutrition philosophy which is the backbone of all of her programs.

Alexandra’s nutrition philosophy works on three pillars:

  1. Human kinetics – your genes, your biochemistry, your beliefs, your patterns, your flavours. What makes you, you!

  2. Nutrition – what are the gaps? (if any). What foods match well with your human kinetics

  3. Mind-Body connection – The way we think about ourselves MATTERS! The way we perceive food MATTERS!

Before I met Alexandra my view on health was completely based around how I looked from the outside and never how I felt on the inside. Since then, she has taught me how to feel good from within with her vision being:

“To gain health and feel your best self it truly starts from the inside… You can’t obtain it, you can only be it. There isn’t any other way…”

Throughout my health journey with Alexandra, she has taught me exactly what my body needs in terms of nutrients I was lacking, how to fuel my body with the right food for me and she has shown me how my mental health and stress levels impact my gut health and overall well-being. I’ll be honest, it hasn’t been an easy journey and I still often find myself binge eating and ending up with a sore tummy (I’m human), but now I know exactly how to bring myself back to where I need to be, to feel the best I can and in turn look good from within!

Not only has Alexandra helped me fuel my body with goodness she has fuelled my mind with her knowledge and has made me discover a passion for health I didn’t know I had before.

Stay tuned for more health and well-being blogs featuring the lovely Alexandra to come – including an amazing everyday salad dressing recipe!