Okay, picture this… You’re walking along Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, you pass a really beautiful and VERY expensive store you know you can’t afford to purchase anything from, but would love to just take a look. Do you feel confident enough to go in or do you just keep on walking? Well, this was the exact situation I was in just the other week and I found myself asking this exact question which got me thinking, why do I feel this way and how many other people do too?

Los Angeles and in particular Beverly Hills is THE place for designer fashion and is also a huge tourist destination. Rodeo Drive alone would be worth billions of dollars just in materialistic items. You’ve got all the top dog designers – Saint Laurent, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Valentino, just to name a few, lined up along a street one after another. What comes with these big names are people with BIG wallets, who can walk into any of these stores with confidence, try on and take a look at whatever they please. So how come someone like me, with a wallet not so big, feel any less confident to do the same?

After finding myself questioning if I was “good enough” to go into these stores, I decided to overcome my fear of feeling this way and walk straight into the next designer store I stumbled across. After doing this I figured out a few things that helped me which I suggest you think about when you’re on your next window shopping adventure.

1. Know your sh*t

Next time you want to window shop, do a little bit of research into some of the designers you want to look at. It could be as simple as finding key pieces you want to admire or knowing certain facts about the brand. If you happen to then speak with a shop assistant and you know your sh*t, I promise you will feel instantly more confident.

2. Take your sweet ass time

One thing I am totally guilty of is walking into one of these stores, getting overwhelmed and then leaving within seconds. To overcome any fears you have I suggest you take your time when window shopping. Look at each and every piece closely, find the detailing and appreciate the work that has gone into creating these items. If you think about fashion as art, you won’t feel so pressured and you will slowly forget about any fear you may have because you will be too busy admiring the beauty in front of you.

3. Fake it till ya make it

This is an obvious one and can be implemented in so many situations in life, especially when in Los Angeles, (people are fakin’ it till they make it left, right and centre). Window shopping is certainly a situation to implement this rule. Say you pick up a piece you’re in love with, read the price and it says $2000. You know you can’t afford it but you just really want to try it on. One thing I found that helped me was saying things like, “I will be back for that” or “I have been eyeing this off for ages” or “I’m tossing up between this and *insert designer piece here*”. Obviously, this isn’t true in most circumstances, but fake it till you make it right! If it makes you feel a little more confident then telling a white lie to a shop assistant you most likely will never see again, won’t hurt anybody. ​

So next time you feel too insecure to walk into Chanel or Dior or Louis Vuitton or whatever store it may be, think about these things and see if they help you.

If there’s one thing I learned from the magical city that is Los Angeles, it’s how to be more confident in everyday situations. I have now stopped caring what strangers think of me so much because, at the end of the day, life’s to short to care.

After my time in the land of the dreamers, my life motto is – YOU DO YOU!​