In August last year my incredible Dad, Shane, lost his battle with mental illness. Mental Illness does not discriminate and can affect anyone, even the strongest of people, even people like my Dad. In Australia alone on average, eight people a day take their own lives. Mental Illness is a horrible illness that needs more awareness. Which is why I am honoured and humbled to share my Dads story with the Mental Awareness Foundation to help save lives in the future.

The Mental Awareness Foundation was started by Wesley Vasile and his friends after losing two of their mates to suicide in 2011. These incredible humans have started a foundation that brings colour and life to depression and anxiety, with the annual Walk For Awareness event raising funds and bringing noise to mental wellness. Last year we started our walk group called Shane’s Squad in honour of Dad. We were able to raise over $10,000 dollars last year so our goal for this year was to hit $15,000.


About a month or so ago, our beautiful friends, Lynley and Scott came over to our house to tell us some incredible news. Scott Riethmuller is the Trading Manager Australasia for a company called Vivcourt Trading. This company donates 100% of their net profit to charity. Employees are looked after and sufficient capital is maintained to operate the business, but everything else is distributed each year with employees directing distributable funds to charities of their interest. There are no shareholders or investors to pay. The value/capital retained in the business remains the property of the charitable foundation so that even if the business were to wind up that value would also eventually be delivered to the charitable sector.

With Scott being in the position to be able to distribute funds, himself, Lynley and the Vivcourt Trading team decided to donate to Shane’s Squad. When they told us we cried the happiest tears. At first it was $10,000 and since this video has been filmed that have doubled their donation to $20,000!

“The cause is important to Lynley and I, and so are Chelsea and the Keim family.  Shane was a great mate and we miss him terribly.  Supporting Shane’s Squad and ultimately MAf makes us feel like we are at least doing something to support others, like Shane and the Keim family,” Scott Riethmuller said.

Myself, my family and the Mental Awareness Foundation are incredible grateful for the support of Vivcourt Trading for this huge donation that could ultimately change and save lives. So, together with this money and sharing Dad’s story the end goal is to kick mental illnesses butt!

If you’d like to donate to Shane’ Squad head to our page here and if you’d like to join the walk this year, register on the website here, grab your friends and family and come along! It is honestly the most uplifting and wonderful day surrounded by love and support.