Designer Carly Paiker exudes the magnetic charm she weaves into her designs; each and every piece her labour of love. Growing up on the sun drenched, laid-back beaches of Perth had a profound effect on the artistic flair in Carly Paiker, and continues to resonate in each of her collections.”

– Carly Paiker

Basic dressing has been turned into more with the addition of stunning jewellery. Layered necklaces and drop earrings will take the basic out of any plain shirt or jumper. This has created a style, which is basic with a twist.

Effortlessly stand out jewellery can turn any outfit or look into something amazing. It also has the opposite effect to turning a basic outfit into a not-so-basic look, by toning down a vibrant, out there look perfectly and ever so simply.

Being classy while looking effortless is a goal most women aim for. Carly Paiker has helped myself and many other women achieve this look by vamping up a basic outfit or toning down a bold look seamlessly. The love and creativity, which has been put into the pieces of Carly’s collections shines brightly through quality and style.

Jewellery: http://carlypaiker.com.au

Photos By Jono Hine