For as long as I can remember I have always dreamt of having long, luscious locks… However, my natural genetics stops this from happening and my hair just NEVER grows.

There’s something about long hair that gives ladies a little confidence boost. Instantly, you feel more feminine – especially if you’re like me and have had shorter hair your whole life.

Even though I wanted longer hair, I always deterred from using hair extensions because, in my opinion, they ruin your natural hair and are way too much work! AND they rob your bank account…

Sitting Pretty Halo Hair Extensions have found a way to solve thin and short hair problems and give gals like myself, the chance to kick bad hair days out of the park and have the thick luscious locks we have always wished for.

The Halo itself, without a doubt, is easy to fit and style, doesn’t ruin your natural hair and looks absolutely on point and far from fake. It’s the hair I have always dreamt of…

So, go on, turn your hair dreams into a reality – check out Sitting Pretty Halo Hair Extensions here.

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HMU: Taylor Kimler

Dress: Manning Cartell