Along this journey that we call life, it’s often easy to forget about the simple things and fall into the trap of feeling the pressure.

The pressure to succeed in everything you do, the pressure to have the perfect home, the pressure to have the perfect wardrobe and the pressure to, in general, have the perfect life. Amongst the clouds of pressure, it’s hard to see clearly what really matters.

It’s all about the simple things in life… Taking a walk along the river, hanging out with your family, being a little weird, reading your favourite book, enjoying a relaxing bath, laughing till your belly hurts, wearing your favourite old baggy shirt, feeling the sand between your toes… All of these things and more are what really makes life, LIFE! Sometimes all we need to do, is leave behind all the white noise that surrounds us and just BE! Once you let go of all the pressure in life, it just happens.

The same goes for finding your sense of style. Following trends whilst having the pressure of looking good hanging over your head can often get in the way of finding your own sense of style. Enjoy the simple things in your wardrobe, like a basic t-shirt or a great pair of jeans and your sense of style will follow.

Don’t complicate it…

Shot and styled by Chelsea Keim

HMU Charlee Elizabeth Rose

Model Rhett Richards

Clothing brands:

Vintage Marketplace

Highs and Lows

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