If you’re like me and seem to be following every blogger, brand and celeb that is attending New York Fashion week, then you might be feeling the same feels as I am *SIGH*

Scrolling through my Instagram news feed and pinning hundreds of images from Fashion Weeks around the world, got me thinking abroad and wishing it was a little cooler (damn you heat wave).

All these glamorous outfits we are seeing all over social media, probably wouldn’t fit into an average persons suitcase. Finding the perfect travel essentials is, well, an essential itself. After seeing all the gorgeous coats from NYFW, I had a thought, what’s the perfect coat for you? Which coat would you never ever leave at home when travelling?

This gorgeous puffer jacket is older than myself and I’m absolutely in love with it. It is water proof, warm and it squishes down to almost nothing. To me, it’s the perfect jacket to tackle cold climates, like NYC and save space! But the most important thing is I could hit the streets of Fashion Week looking totally on trend at the same time (a dream)!

Once you have the perfect coat, what are your favourite basics to take travelling? Abroad Clothing, is a travel brand designing unisex clothes that are super cool. Simple T’s are super important to me when I’m travelling. Layering becomes a lot easier with a good basic. Luckily at the moment, a baggy T paired with a fab coat is all the rave. I love it when style and fashion is comfortable and easy to wear!

Despite being totally jealous, get inspired by the wonderful images you see on your social media pages and start planning what your travel essentials are now!

(Bring on Winter)

Shirt: Abroad Clothing CO

Skirt: Zara

Boots: Tony Bianco

Jacket: Vintage

Sunglasses: Bailey Nelson

Bag: Zadig & Voltaire