Ever since I can remember the ocean has been my happy place. When my parents would take me to the beach I would spend hours in the water. The waves, the idea of being weightless and the mystery of the ocean drew me in and I would hate getting out. I wished I were a mermaid.

Now that I’m older and I understand more about the ocean, I can see the damage being done and nasty’s that get lost in it.  Fishing nets, being one the many things that get lost, are causing havoc for the beautiful creatures of the sea.

Volcom have teamed up with Econyl and have created a new collection, ‘Simply Solid.’ This collection is different from any other swimwear line I have seen. The reason being, all pieces are created with nylons reconstructed from discarded ‘ghost’ fishing nets collected from oceans around the globe. I love idea of turning the nasty’s that cause havoc in the ocean into something beautiful you can wear while enjoying the sea.

Happy oceans make me a happy chappy and I am so proud to be apart of such a wonderful project and encourage you to check out this stunning all black collection.